Alpha Beta GammaTM

Chapter Application Form

If you would like to submit an application for the formation of a chapter at your college you can print this form and mail it to:

Alpha Beta GammaTM
National Business Honor Society
PO Box 527

Murrells Inlet, SC  29675

Date of Application _________________

Chapter Adviser Information

Name of Chapter Adviser: ______________________________

Office address of Adviser:_______________________________

Home Address ______________________________City______________State______Zip____________

Office Phone ________________ Fax ______________ Office E-Mail _______________

Home Phone_________________Home E-Mail_________________________________

Would you be interested in the future, in serving on a committee? Y N
Would your college in the future, assist with a national leadership meeting ? Y N

College Information


Street Address (not P.O.Box) __________________________________________

City___________________________ State_____________Zip + 4 _____________

College Home Page URL:___________________Would you link on Society Home Page?_____

Number of Full-Time Faculty at College in Business Division/Department. __________

Year College was Established _____________

List Accreditation:_____________________________________________________

Grading System: ________________________ (e.g.: A= 4.0)

Number of Credits Required for Graduation_______________________________

Degrees offered in Business ( ) A.A., ( ) A.S., ( ) A.A.S., ( ) A.O.S.

Number of full-time students. (head count)__________

Number of full-time business students. (day and evening)____________

List business and related degrees and majors offered by your school. (Refer to "Eligible Disciplines" on the home page) List names of business clubs on campus.

Other Information

Type of Chapter Formation Desired: ( ) Honorific ( ) Academic ( ) Academic/Social

Name of Business Division/Dept. Chair _________________________________

Name of College President:_____________________________________________

List three four-year colleges which accept many of your business transfer students:

1. Name ________________________________Address _______________________


Name of Director of Admissions:________________________________________

2. Name ________________________________Address _______________________


Name of Director of Admissions:________________________________________

3.. Name ________________________________Address ______________________


Name of Director of Admissions:________________________________________

Name of Your College Newspaper_________________________________________

Name of our Library Director___________________________________________

Name of Local Community Newspaper______________________________________

Address of Local Newspaper_____________________________________________

Attach a copy of Chapter Adviser's Curriculum Vitae.

Approval of College Administration

The undersigned officer of this college agrees to having full knowledge of the goals and mission of Alpha Beta Gamma™ and approves the submission of this application to form a chapter of this society. The college understands that the sole financial responsibility of the college is a one-time Chapter Application Fee of $500.

Student initiates of Alpha Beta Gamma™ pay a one-time lifetime membership fee which entitles them to all benefits of the society. The college agrees to exert best efforts in the identification of and approval of the chapter advisers. The college also agrees to promulgate the existence of the Alpha Beta Gamma™ chapter in the college catalog.  The college agrees to add the following statement to the college catalog.

    Honor Societies
    (Name of your college) is accreditted by Alpha Beta Gamma International Business
    Honor Society to initiate members into the honor society for business and related
    professional disciplines.  For additional information about the society, refer to

The college grants permission for members of the society of Alpha Beta Gamma to wear society regalia at college graduation ceremonies. Initiates and advisers wear honor stoles and may wear medallions.

Duly signed this____________Day of________________________Year________

Signature of College Administrator____________________________________


Please include a copy of your College Catalog.

For Office Use Only

Action of Executive Board:___________________ Date ___________________

Chapter Designation: _________________________________________________

Comments: ____________________________________________________________